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Brand & Management Agency

Ammplify communication, expressing unequivocally the strenght and the ability to amplify.

Each project as a product, particular in its genesis, curated on itself. This constant pursuit for the analysis, the critic and this restless positioning of the will and desire to give life to something new.

Amplified, aggrandized. Conceptual and visual eloquence. The thing that can grow and be more, be unique.

AMMP® adds to each one of its projects the humanity that allows the birth, the growth, the maturation and the stabilization of its significance and projection. Ammplify communication, the product and the way to see beyond the present moment. To think, to create, to see, to feel, to give, to feed and, finally allow the technical, conceptual and curational bases to become pin points to the project fruition and general understanding.

The ability to criticize and argue reveals AMMP® as the conclusive and experimented answer of the ones who see in each project an entity and, consequently, an invariable reality, exposed to a desired ammplification.

In space, in time and practice, to stabilize an expansive and broader communication.



Brand Activation
The ammple ability to plan actions in a context of execution makes everything we do directed to engagement and to the excellence of the result. We want to gather your audience direct response in our data driven marketing and innovative implementation strategies through disruption and awareness.

Brand Management
Deep critical analysis and planning increasing the value of a brand by perception of its attributes. Multiple experiences, creating recognition, raising awareness, with deep emotional connection between the brand and the audience. A relation of equity in which the brand stays in the consumer’s awareness of its specifications and ramifications and as a credible signal of product and quality.

Design Strategy, Start Up & Innovative Ideas
Creating something new, vital, from nothing to actioning briefings and specific initiatives, strategically defining timelines for products, integrating design as a strategic brand intent. Vigorously implementing order.

Being aware to create awareness means we find more of ourselves and a lot of others. Responding with fast growth and reacting accordingly with elegance and poise, in scalable stages, implementing models of experience with innovative approaches and methodical basilar developments.

We never deny a spark. A simple, reasonable, actionable, real, feasible curated idea may bloom inside vacuum if we want to.


The Agency provides experienced, specialized professionals that give you the focused expertise needed to discuss your own goals and ambitions. Advising every step of the path towards the presentation of the project and reporting methodically its evolution.

Contemporary managing and financial concepts need to be as flexible as imaginable. Our innovative politics include direct payment, equity and license (or even franchise). This can be made possible from a shared and established asset between the agency and the client, starting as a fixed price or as a percentage of the gross/net revenue and always as an interest of a common future income.
Business Ventures

The adventure of being an active part of the journey, a daring undertaking enhanced by the expectation of gain inside a cooperative partnership with shared risks and shared profits. We are the catalyst, igniting value and ammplifying profit, together.

The Clients

9 Wines   .   ANCV   .   Banco Popular   .   Câmara Municipal de Barcelos   .   Câmara Municipal de Matosinhos   .   Câmara Municipal de Santo Tirso   .   Carlos Sá   .   Cervejas Nortada   .   Fábrica de Cervejas Portuense   .   Farmácia Ferreira da Silva  .   Feature Fidalgo   .   Feels Like Home  .  GCI Lisboa   .   IPO Porto   .   IPO Lisboa   .   LiGA das Associações Mutualistas do Porto   .   Mediana   .   Prova d’O Diogo   .   Vasco Freitas   .   Zé Pedro Fontes


the people

Nuno Ribas Amado

Managing Director

(+351) 919 594 665

Sérgio Magalhães

Brand Director

Mentoring brands, consulting people and organisations, bridging creatives and reality with defying brush strokes of charisma.

(+351) 917 440 099

People and winning figures

We ammplify the best of the best. We create, we manage, we design strategies so that any “champion” can keep on his right track towards success. AMMP® is specialised on giving structures to a vital way of communication – using reality as the best way to go further, beyond what people even think to be possible. We work with athletes, creatives, models amongst the very best of all sorts of areas.

The Projects

A range of selected works, presenting our best approach over one’s needs

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4000-110 Porto, Portugal

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