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In OODA’s architecture project, communication and signage structures and systems were proposed, conceptual matrices that respond to different needs and purposes. From the (large) urban scale to the human scale, the proposal is based on a flexible system that includes or dynamic communication supports, according to the dissemination needs of the Portuguese Football League and its sponsors.


The process of repositioning the brand began with the proposed slogan “ALWAYS ON”, an argument that stabilised the brand discourse over a long period of time. This provocation was used in a flexible way to frame an evolutionary artistic direction that culminated in the aurora borealis concept, materialised in international stands, catalogues and other communication tools.


DOMO is a traditional Japanese restaurant that originated another one, with similar characteristics. The multiplication of the ingredients quality, the service and even the meal times has made this restaurant DOMODOMO. The name created to respond to an intrinsic link with the original concept, now intensified to a double force, framed in a provocative tone, true to its origin and ready to assume its own personality.

The context of analysis, critics and progress of the SBN’s SAMS (Medical-Social Assistance Service) brand defines the need to adopt new strategies, consistent with the improvement of the brand, its service and, above all, the increase of its impact on consumers. It is in the digital environment and communication that SAMS’s greatest growth factors are found – innovative tools necessary for the most up-to-date form of interaction with medical services, in a clear approach to its public. The project results in a global reading of the brand, focusing on the concept, strategy and direction of the project.

The project developed for Centro Hospitalar e Universitário de Coimbra is based on the search for more effective communication, dedicated to the general public and defining a series of contents of global interest. The analysis started from the brand architecture, through the visual identity and communication tools, which underwent a visual renovation.


KuantoKusta’s request to renew the concept, communication strategy and art direction resulted in a proposal focused on the brand’s audience. Based on a global discourse, three personalised approaches are defined that serve to provoke consumers or potential KuantoKusta consumers and define an insurmountable emotional connection. The project presents a wide range of activities – art direction, discourse, visual identity, slogan, campaign, among others. Because whoever uses KuantoKusta knows.


As already mentioned, the SBN represents a set of brands – SAMS and Novóptica – and symbolises the origin of the evolution of the three. Its tools also reflect a necessary strategic evolution, adapted to the practices of 2023.

Wander, Wonder or even Wunder. From English to German, WNDER can mean different ways of looking at the world. The acronym WNDER is the teasing response to the request to create a name, and global strategy for an umbrella brand dedicated to experiential tourism in Madeira. Starting from a communication system that amplifies the meaning of the word “wander”, different ways of transforming a word into a symbol, a signature, an animation and a potential for national and international communication are created.


The brand is born on a blank page. The name, strategy, language, art direction, visual identity, tools and many other elements that make this brand unique were defined on this page. Dedicated to the online sale of perfumes and cosmetics, POPKISS, which is also POPfum (perfumes) and KISSmetics (cosmetics), is aimed at a young, free public that understands and seeks out visual discourses and its own writings. This is how the brand was born, with great visibility on digital channels, through which it imposes its lexicon, its attitude and its irreverence.


Based on the studium architecture project for the new Bouygues Telecom Service’s new facilities, proposals for brand communication and signage were developed to accompany the visual language of the architectural project. From the intervention in the different spaces, to the definition of the brand intervention surfaces, the project is characterised by the deep understanding of the basic graphic guidelines, and the possibility of customising the facilities in Porto.


Taking the brand’s 37 years as a motto for the evolution of the art direction, this event will present a disruptive language capable of positioning itself in the face of competition while guaranteeing its identity and history. Through static and dynamic visual proposals, the various communication media take on a memorable, extravagant dimension and mark this date in a special way.


This is a self-initiated project that responds to the desire to activate the city and all those who are part of it, through appropriable initiatives and manifestos, at a time when the pandemic has called everything into question. The activities are dedicated to knowing and exploring the city in a natural, emotional and collaborative way.


From studium‘s architecture project to design the new GKN Automotive facilities in Porto, various communication and signage projects have been developed in line with the need to personalise the space. Coordination with international guidelines made it possible to strike a balance between the correct implementation of the brand’s graphic guidelines and the customisation of exclusive solutions for the site in Portugal.


Turning the end of the event’s 10-year cycle into an opportunity for the evolution of art direction and digital tools is the great argument of this project. The creative strategy and the renewed visual language give the event a new impetus, capable of directing and adapting to the different communication moments of the event. Flexible solutions are proposed, focused exclusively on the target audience and the need to develop platforms that are intuitive and easy to use. The means are used to create axes of innovation.


The project with CSantos focuses on the creation of strategic interventions dedicated to the integration of new slogans, namely the visual and written language, of one of the most relevant business sectors – car rental. We create stars, take care of them and make them emotional reasons to look at the CSantos and Mercedes brand as part of an experience.

Incorporated into the SBN and SAMS universe, Novótica is undergoing a period of renewal in terms of its positioning, visual language and tools. This step will allow the company to expand and attract new audiences, who until now have been exclusively competitors. A new visual identity, campaign, slogan and digital and print tools are the essential elements of a change that, as the brand says, is new and great.


We value the importance of the critical vision in the brand communication process. From its creation, amplification and management, AMMP defines each project and process from its very beginning.

We create strategic opportunities each time we work with a new brand. We are dedicated to studying, structuring and developing complex processes through a systematic and methodical approach. We provide solid and coherent foundations in the search for an appropriate and mature response.

AMMP actively collaborates with studium . creative studio in projects dedicated to the creative development of communication design and architecture, thus extending the services of both entities.

Brand Activation

We use all our skills to plan activities that guarantee excellence, through our commitment to brand strategy. We deliver a direct response to the target audience through the innovative and disruptive implementation of creative strategies.

Brand Management

We critically analyse the spectrum of each brand, enhancing its value through the perception and expression of its attributes. Multiple experiences build recognition, and create a deep emotional relationship between the brand and its target audience. We manage the balanced relationship in which the brand becomes part of the consumer, especially when it adopts and communicates its personality.

Strategy Design and Innovative Approaches

We create novelty, we explore nothingness until that emptiness becomes something. Briefing, initiative, strategy, product timeline designed with intention and function. We propose innovation through approaches appropriate to the characteristics of each brand.

We are awake to create awareness, and that means discovering more of ourselves and much more of others. We respond with rapid growth, in tune, with elegance and serenity, in scalable steps, implementing experiential models with innovative approaches.

We never deny a spark. Even if it is simple, reasonable, actionable, real, it's a spark, and we cure it so that it can blossom in the vacuum if we choose to.


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